Introduction to IoT-TICKET

Welcome to IoT-TICKET Learning Centre!

Select and start with one of the courses at the bottom of this page to begin your hunt towards the first IoT-TICKET User Certification! Or while hesitating where to lead off, you can watch the introduction video:

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Available courses

Whom is this course aimed for?

Select this course if you don't have any experience of IoT-TICKET. In this course you will learn how to use IoT-TICKET basic functionalities with easy-to-follow videos and interesting examples and use-cases. Don't worry, you won't need any knowledge of programming or computer technology to be able to pass this course.

IoT-TICKET Certified Designer can design and build beautiful and elegant dashboards and reports for the customers with ease-of-use in mind. Designer can also build basic functionality for the UI.

Completing this course gives you the capabilities to continue to the more advanced courses, the Certified Engineer and even to the Certified Developer course.

Whom is this course aimed for?

Select this course, if you are interested more in Data-flow editor, or you have used IoT-TICKET a bit. Also, if you have completed the Designer course, this is the perfect next step.

IoT-TICKET Certified Engineer is the master of the IoT-TICKET Data-flow Editor. Certified Engineer is capable of analysing data and generating functional entities. Is an irreplaceable asset for the Certified IoT-TICKET Designers to get the most interesting bits out of the big data with applications that help the end-user. But why not be both yourself?

Whom is this course aimed for?

This course is going to cover the IoT-TICKET REST API. You should be familiar with RESTful web services and programming, preferably with Java. This course might be a bit hard without prior programming experience, but always be willing to accept new challenges! Also, you should be comfortable using IoT-TICKET. If you haven't used it before, refer to previous course videos.

IoT-TICKET Certified Developer is able to create customized solutions for customers. Developer can connect different devices, use the API, design user interfaces and manipulate the data-flow. Equipped with can-do attitude, Developers provide extreme value for any company. We recommend Certified Designer and Certified Engineer courses first to get to know IoT-TICKET first. It's not necessary, but it will help you during this course.